Huub Meessen

Huub Meessen graduated in 1987 as Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management Science at the Technical University Eindhoven. The first 25 years of his career Huub worked for DSM and SABIC and assumed multiple roles in Business, Supply Chain Management and General Management. In 2008 Huub was appointed Managing Director Polymers within the Managing Board of SABIC Europe. In 2010 he became Vice President Europe within SABIC and Chairman of the APPE (Association of Petrochemical Producers Europe). He was also Board Member of CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council), PlasticsEurope and EPCA (European Petrochemical Association). In 2012 Huub started to work on a Business Plan for a large integrated plant producing quality circular polymers since he saw huge opportunities in Europe for sustainable compounds. In 2014 QCP has been founded and the first module of the greenfield project started end of 2015.


Marc Houtermans

Marc Houtermans graduated in 1990 as Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. After 6 years at John Brown Engineers & Constructors, Marc joined DSM in 1998 and assumed multiple roles in Operations, Business Management and Supply Chain Management at DSM and SABIC. In 2009 Marc was appointed Global Chief Procurement Officer and in 2010 Global Chief Information Officer. In addition, Marc was member of the Logistics Committee of EPCA (European Petrochemical Association), Board Member of ECTA (European Chemical Transport Association), Vice Chairman of the SAP Chemical Executive Advisory Committee and member of the CIO Research Board.


Raf Bemelmans

Raf Bemelmans graduated in 1993 as Master of Science in Commercial Engineering at the Universiteit Hasselt. After 7 years at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Borealis and Ernst & Young, Raf joined DSM in 2000 and assumed multiple roles in Supply Chain Management and Business at DSM and SABIC. In 2009 Raf was appointed Director Supply Chain Polymers Europe. In addition, Raf was Chairman of the Supply Chain Program Committee of EPCA (European Petrochemical Association) and member of the Industry Advisory Council of ECTA (European Chemical Transport Association).