DermaPharm launches circular laundry detergent bottle based on QCP™ HDPE

23 December 2017

DermaPharm A/S (Fårup, Denmark) selected QCP™ PE 5603BM 0216 to improve the environmentally friendly character of their Derma Kulørt laundry detergent bottles. The newly designed bottle from 100% QCP™ HDPE reduces its CO₂ footprint with 75%.

Derma products are made in Denmark by the skin care company DermaPharm A/S. For nearly 40 years, DermaPharm has developed, produced and set the standard for gentle and skin-friendly body care products.

Today, DermaPharm is the innovative market leader of certified products within the organic and allergy-friendly skin care segment. Their Derma brand is based on the expertise that DermaPharm has acquired as a supplier for the hospital and health care sector and meets the highest standards for quality, health and environmentally friendly products.

To further improve the environmental friendliness of their products they launched a newly designed bottle for their Derma Kulørt laundry detergent product line which is being produced with 100% QCP™ PE 5603BM 0216, a circular HDPE.derma-kulort-small

Using QCP™ PE 5603BM 0216 enables DermaPharm to reduce the CO₂ footprint of the bottle with 75% compared to virgin HDPE maintaining the aesthetics needed for the laundry detergent bottles. The new bottle design underlines the circularity of the bottles; ‘Flaske produceret af genbrugsplast’.

QCP™ PE 5603BM 0216 is a blow moulding grade fully based on Post-Consumer household packaging Waste offering a more sustainable alternative for virgin HDPE. It not only reduces the bottle’s carbon footprint but it also reduces plastic waste.


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