Watering can from Hostalen QCP HDPE

Green is in the DNA of elho, a flourishing, family-owned company with over 50 years of experience in making synthetic pottery and related products.

They are not only crazy about green plants but they also think green. It can always be cleaner and more sustainable. This is the starting point of elho and these are not empty words. On the contrary, they demonstrate it by their actions.

Going green

They are ambitious and motivated boys. Every year they adjust their target to reduce their ecological footprint. And it works. Their trucks and cars? Running on biogas or electric. The energy supply for the production and office environment? A genuine windmill. Raw materials? As much as possible recycled. “46% of the assortment is being produced with regranulates” says Bert Bakkeren, Director Operations at elho.


In their drive to produce even more sustainable products they met QCP. Bert: “We are working with coloured and natural, transparent regranulates. The light coloured High-Density Polyethelyne caught immediately our attention; a nice basis for our 10 L watering can of the Green Basics line, based for 95% on recycled Post-Consumer Waste”.

Importance of colour

‘Quality and colour are very important for our products, they have to be perfect. With the high turnover rates and sales in more than 4000 shops worldwide, quality and colour need to be consistent.

The concerned watering can has been designed in the colours “living black” and “lime green”. It was touch and go for a while if our colorants would match with QCP’s HDPE. After various tests we achieved the required quality and colour. We were good to go”.

More QCP if possible

‘We work with several suppliers but QCP is the only one using Post-Consumer Packaging Waste for their resins. We like that. It is also important as in this way we can contribute to a more sustainable world.QCP continuously develops their products and we are looking forward to even lighter and eventually natural resins. So we can produce even more products with QCP™ grades.