The world's first 100% green baby buggy made from Moplen QCP PP

Just a little bit more than a year after QCP started to make the world more sustainable by offering its first QCP™ PP and HDPE in order to help save the planet for future generations, Bart Bost, founder of Greentom knocked on our door.

Bart’s vision of making the world a better and above all, greener place by designing and producing good-looking, smart and green products is what led to the birth of the company Greentom. Bart’s, an industrial designer with extensive experience in the baby buggy industry, frustration and disbelief about the unlimited use of natural resources and complex production processes made him decide to do it differently.

An intensive period of research, testing and experimenting started. The result…the first 100% sustainable buggy in the world. Sustainable through the use of recycled material for the frame (recycled PP) and the fabric (recycled PET bottles), assembled in Maastricht and fully recyclable at the end of its life.

The partnership between QCP and Greentom leading to the production of sustainable buggies from Moplen QCP PP, combined with the increasing customer awareness and demand for sustainable products will lead to a greener tomorrow for all of us.