Marcel’s Green Soap

Bottle from Hostalen QCP HDPE

Dutch start-up Marcel’s Green Soap has a clear mission: a cleaner, more sustainable world. Marcel Belt, a single dad of three daughters who started his own company after 25 years working for major brand owners, has one big goal: back to basics with environmentally friendly cleaning products that consist of natural biodegradable ingredients and that smell nice. By setting this example, he hopes to inspire the major brands to follow suit.

Each week in 4 million cleaning bottles end up in the garbage bin in the Netherlands and most of them are made from virgin plastics.

Using recycled plastics for its packaging it is credible to say ‘Clean your home and save the planet’.

Marcel’s Green Soap was the first Dutch brand using 100% recycled plastics for its packaging. At first, the packaging was based on UK milk bottles, but early 2018 Marcel Belt decided to switch to Hostalen QCP HDPE. “Why? Because using packaging plastics based on Dutch Post-Consumer Packaging Waste is really closing the loop.”