Houweling Group developed 100% QCP™ HDPE-based trigger bottle

18 July 2016

The Houweling Group is closing the loop using QCP™ HDPE to increase the sustainability of Interflon’s LUBE TF dry film lubricant.

Houweling Verpakkingen developed for Interflon, a producer of specialized lubricants, a 100% Post-Consumer Recycled based bottle using QCP™ HDPE.

HDPE Bottles

Virgin HDPE was replaced by the QCP™ EXPE 851B – 0100 (dark version) to produce the black 1 Liter trigger bottle.

For colours the QCP™ EXPE 851B – 0216 (light version) can be used which coloured using commercially available colour masterbatches.

QCP™ HDPE is based on post-consumer packaging waste which is intensively cleaned (including hot wash) and colour sorted to enable the production of high quality rHDPE resins that can used for various blow moulding application (e.g. bottles, watering cans, etc)

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