QCP contributing in closing the plastics loop at the European Conference on Plastics

15 November 2016

The European Conference on Plastics is being organised by parties working together in the Dutch Plastic Value Chain Agreement in close cooperation with the European Commission.

The Conference provides a unique opportunity to share your expertise and experiences, and to overcome barriers to circular businesses in a collaborative way. The output of the conference will contribute to the development and shaping of the EU Strategy on Plastics.

In an (inter)active programme (in the form of roundtables), stakeholders will discuss cross-cutting subjects covering the entire plastics value chain: business models & design, marine litter &  leakages, collection & recycling, feedstock, consumer & behavior, finance and governance.

QCP will actively contribute to the round tables by presenting best practices.

Interested to contribute  in closing the plastics loop? Register for the conference by clicking here.

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