QCP invests 75 million euros in a circular polymer plant at Chemelot (NL)

17 April 2014

QCP, which stands for Quality Circular Polymers, is a new company that will provide brand owners and plastics convertors with polymers of high and consistent quality, based on used plastics. Such products will enable them to provide sustainable end products on a large scale. Reliable supply, integration, leading technologies, innovative recipes and a strategic participation by SITA, part of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT as supplier of used plastics, will enable QCP to push the circular plastics industry to the next level. QCP is an initiative of Huub Meessen and Marc Houtermans, entrepreneurs with extensive experience in petrochemicals. The investment is strongly supported by local investors.


The nameplate capacity of the plant will be 100,000 ton per year and will be realized in three phases. The total investment amounts to 75 million euros, of which 35 million euros in the first phase, planned to go live by the end of 2015. QCP will create up to 40 direct jobs during phase 1, growing to 100 after phase 3. In addition, 200 to 300 indirect jobs are expected to be created. Focus will be on PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene), two of the main plastics.

Huub Meessen, CEO of QCP, specifically addresses brand owners and plastics convertors: “With the end product in mind, we reach out to co-develop grades for prime applications. That is why it is important that SITA will take care of the backward integration into raw materials, so we can guarantee a reliable supply to customers in high-end applications.”

Herman Snellink, Managing Director SITA Netherlands, adds: “With QCP we will realize a win-win situation, as we will enter downstream markets, creating value from our raw materials. This way we can close the loop, in line with our vision and the vision of many of our customers”.

Marc Houtermans, COO of QCP, stresses the importance of the location: “We will be based at the Chemelot site, the Polymer hotspot, with on-site utilities, direct access to Chemelot Campus, and in the heart of the main customer and supply base. We have the ambition to create a factory of the future, with leading technologies in a modular and flexible set-up, to create sustainable jobs for the region.”

The investment in QCP is the first of the newly formed Chemelot Ventures, which is the successor of Limburg Ventures. For co-investor LIOF it is one of its largest investments of the past few years. It is a substantial investment in a promising company, with immediate volume, scale, critical mass and impact. In short, it is an initiative with a lot of promise on a top location. At the same time this illustrates the excellent investment climate with Chemelot Industrial Park and Chemelot Campus as a

combination”, says Jerome Verhagen, managing director NV Industriebank LIOF and member of the Chemelot Ventures Supervisory Board.

QCP and circular polymers

The annual demand for plastics in Europe is about 50 million tons. These plastics are made from oil and gas, the prices of which are far higher in Europe than, for example, in the Middle East and the United States. In these areas, new refineries, crackers and polymer plants are being built, putting pressure on the European petrochemical industry.

Although plastics are extremely versatile and offer large advantages over other materials such as metals, the industry is facing an end-of-lifetime issue, with plastics ending up in oceans and in the environment at large. In Europe alone, plastic waste is estimated at 25 million ton per year. Therefore, the European Commission is about to ban landfill and incineration.

This will make large quantities of used plastics available, constituting a sustainable alternative to fossil raw materials. This will benefit the environment, by reducing both waste and greenhouse gases. In addition, QCP responds to the desire of the public in general and brand owners in particular to use our scarce resources for the automotive, packaging, construction or electronics markets in a more circular and sustainable way.

About SITA

SITA is characterized as a supplier of secondary raw materials and gives substance to its mission of closing the waste chain even more by making waste material suitable for reuse, where possible, by recycling it into raw materials that are reintroduced to the production process. In order to achieve as much as possible high-quality raw materials and energy from waste, and to minimize the emission of CO2, we believe that co-creation is crucial. As a result, SITA is always on the lookout for partners in the collection, sorting, processing and waste reprocessing chain. . In the market, SITA is recognized as chain director. So too for plastic (packaging) waste originating from households and businesses; from collection and transshipment to sorting, processing and recycling of plastic.

SITA NETHERLANDS – Organization – SITA Nederland is part of SITA Northern Europe Waste Services (NEWS). SITA NEWS is the collaboration of SITA organizations in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg and part of the global water and environmental group SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT – Natural resources are not infinite. Each day, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT (Paris: SEV, Brussels: SEVB) and its subsidiaries deal with the challenge of protecting resources by providing innovative solutions to industry and to millions of people. SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT supplies drinking water to 92 million people, provides wastewater treatment services for 65 million people and collects the waste produced by 52 million people. SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has 79,550 employees and, with its presence on five continents, is a world leader exclusively dedicated to water and waste management services. SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT generated total revenues of EUR 14.6 billion in 2013.

About Chemelot Ventures

Chemelot Ventures is an active regional venture capital investor in materials and life sciences in the south of The Netherlands. We have a strong focus on value enhancement of our portfolio companies by using our network and the network of our LP’s, DSM Nederland, Limburg Province, regional development agency NV Industriebank LIOF and Rabobank.

Chemelot Ventures is the successor fund of Limburg Ventures which started in 2004 and made 22 investments. Click for more information:

About N.V Industriebank LIOF

NV Industriebank LIOF is the development and investment company covering the Dutch province of Limburg. LIOF supports companies in the fields of innovation, investment and establishment. In addition, LIOF creates the conditions for the development of promising industrial sectors and for the improvement of the business climate, aimed at opportunities for SME and room for new business. LIOF supports companies in a pragmatic, involved and pro-active way by combining expertise with financial decisiveness and an extensive network. This combination of services makes LIOF expeditious and unique.

About Chemelot

In the field of material sciences and life sciences the chemical industrial site Chemelot, in Geleen in the South of the Netherlands, is an important business partner in Western Europe. Chemelot comprises the Industrial Park and the Campus. The location has an excellent infrastructure and perfect logistics via water, rail and road. Chemelot offers raw materials, utilities, facilities, operational (plant) support, and an innovative knowledge ecosystem. With these, Chemelot facilitates new investments in research activities as well as innovative start-up companies and chemical installations. Some of the firms on Chemelot are market leaders in their field worldwide. The firms on Chemelot profit from operational synergy.Chemelot is more than the sum of these parts. Chemelot is also a ‘chemical innovation community’ where people, companies, and educational institutions share knowledge and global networks, and cooperate creatively to realize innovations and accelerated business growth.

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