SUEZ Recycling Tour visiting QCP

30 June 2016

Thursday June 30 SUEZ organized, together with the value chain partner, a recycling tour to show their business relations how packaging waste (e.g. plastic, metal, “tetra” bricks) is being transformed into high quality raw materials.

HDPE Bottles

Cooperation, innovation and responsibility are needed to achieve a circular economy. SUEZ partners QCP, CEDO, Van Houtum and Hedra are key to close the loop but also the municipalities and their inhabitants are essential to close the loop.

The 60 attendees visited the paper mill of Van Houtum in Swalmen which is processing the main part of the Dutch tretra bricks, CeDo Recycling which processes mixed plastics and QCP.

At QCP the attendees received a guided tour by Huub Meessen, CEO of QCP, who explained to them the process from bale to high quality granules.

QCP is using the pre-sorted mono streams HDPE and PP for the production of high quality circular resins which can be used to replace virgin resins in various applications (e.g. bottles, boxes & crates, etc).

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